Monday, July 20, 2015

Day 9 (Touring the city)-Amsterdam

Beautiful ponds, paved trails, and a green scenery jump-started my morningJ Running through the park today was so refreshing. Since I didn’t have music to listen to while I was running, I kind of made it into a game. I call it “Get lost and find your way back to the hostile” lol. No need to worry; the trail was a huge circle and very easy to navigate through. I ended my morning workout with a little strength training. It felt great to get back into my normal exercise routine. Before leaving for this trip, I was running at least 2 miles a day!

            By the end of the day, I had traveled 10 miles on foot! Our class had the opportunity to go on a 2-hour walking tour of Amsterdam. Our tour guide was very informative. He was actually Australian, but moved to Amsterdam 3 years ago. There are people from all over the world that now live in Amsterdam. There is actually a museum that a floor of carpet squares that are each dedicated to each culture that is represented in Amsterdam.  I definitely have information overload from the tour, but I think that the most interesting thing that he said to us was at the very end of the tour. He took us to the area where the Anne Frank museum was located, and gave us a little summary of her story. He told us about the fight that the people of Amsterdam had with the Nazi’s that took over years ago. They fought against the Nazi’s in retaliation of their horrible treatment to the Jewish residents of Amsterdam. The morale of the story was that Amsterdam is place without judgment. It is a place where you can come and be who you truly are. The people of Amsterdam stick together and act for the greater good of humanity, and that is the most beautiful thing that I have ever heard.
Peace movement in Amsterdam
United States carpet block