Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Day 18(Concentration Camp visit)-Berlin

Heavenly Pancake Breakfast from the hostile
It is amazing what a nice breakfast can do for your dayJ Today I had the BEST pancake breakfast with sausages and green tea for only €4!! I was so excited to see a fluffy pancake with crispy edges. The pancakes in Amsterdam just didn’t cut it for me. What made these pancakes even better was the fact that fresh bananas and strawberries were on top, and it sat on top of a river of maple syrup. Yes, I love food.
Barrack 15
            After breakfast, we joined the psychology, drawing, and world literature students on a trip to a real concentration camp where the Jewish were enslaved. It was
Prisoner's Camp entry gate
a very interesting, yet chilling experience. When I entered the barracks, which is what they called the rooms where the prisoners would sleep, I wasn’t able to stay for long. In the barrack sat a utility closet, which was said to be a torture room. Just looking at the room gave me goose bumps, and I walked right on out. I also stepped inside of the prison. What I couldn’t understand was why there would be a prison inside of a prisoners camp! It was told that when the Jewish prisoners disobeyed certain rules, like being caught with anyone of the opposite sex, they were placed in the prison cells. Sometimes, they were placed in solitary confinement, where there is no daylight whatsoever.  In the back of the camp, there is 40 ft. tall memorial monument for those who lost their lives there.

Sachenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial
            Later in the evening, I took a trip to Potsdamer Platz. It is so beautiful in that area at night! While in the area, I went to see Ted 2 in an IMAX theatre! Thank goodness they played the movies in English. Sadly, we have cable in our hostile rooms, but all of the shows are in German! I guess having no television isn’t necessarily a bed thing. It’s given us all the opportunity to bond as students from different universities and enjoy the lifestyle that each country has had to offer.
Movie Theatre in Potsdamer Platz