Friday, July 17, 2015

(Day 5) Fashion, boats, and towers!!!

Day 5 had to be the most exciting day so far filled with many activities as a class and an entire program. We started the day by going to a Fashion show in one of the main department stores in Paris. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm in love with the arts from music to fashion so this experience was definitely a great one. The fashion show was small but great, it was a great marketing strategy for the store and the clothes were great. It definitely sounds cool when you can tell your friends you went to a fashion show in Paris, France.

 After we left the fashion show we quickly went to meet u with the rest of the program for a river cruise and a tour of the Eiffel tower. Seeing Paris from a boat cruise was a beautiful experience and made me really appreciate having the opportunity to be on this trip. Moreover, it was finally time to see the most famous part of Paris and I was beyond excited. Finally getting the opportunity to see such a great structure was the highlight of my Paris trip.