Sunday, July 19, 2015

(Day 7) Goodbye Paris, Hello Amsterdam!

Although we leave Paris this morning, I leave in the greatest mood because last night one probably one of the best nights in my life. After I finished packing and getting everything ready to go for Amsterdam last night, I received a text from my friend asking if I wanted to go to a club in Paris for my last night, and of course I said yes. Around 12:15am we headed to a place called Club Mix and from the moment we walked in the doors I realized that this would be a great night. From the people to the music everything was perfect; we laughed, dance, and simply had a great night. I'm not really a person who goes to clubs frequently, but I would go back to club Mix anytime simply because that atmosphere was great. So, as I sit here heading to Amsterdam I am completely looking forward to returning to Paris very soon to visit and maybe even moving to Europe one day. Paris was more than I could have imagined and expected and being in Europe has certainly changed the way I view my future career plans. So, now as I arrive in Amsterdam I have a whole new perspective and motive behind visiting these cities because now I'm not only seeing if they are great tourist destinations but also could they be a place I could live.