Thursday, July 30, 2015

Day 19(I don’t know what to name this lol)-Berlin

HometoGo office 
Up bright and early, and a train ride to a field trip seems to be the trend for Berlin. Today, we took a trip to visit a small company by the name of “HometoGo”. They identify as a member of the 90 billion dollar vacation rental market, of which Europe holds 27 billion. It was really cool to see how relaxed the work environment was at HometoGo compared to the larger companies that we’ve visited on this trip. All of the employees were in jeans and t-shirts.
            After the visit, my classmate Ally and I went to Subway! I know what you’re thinking. Why would I eat American food while I’m in Germany?! Truth is, I miss home a little bit, and there’s nothing like a little taste of it to make you appreciate where you come from.

Bored at Darren's interview
A little bit later, we went back into the field. We first went to find stores for my partner Darren’s research project. Afterwards, we took a  30-minute trip to interview with my second dance apparel store in Berlin. When we got there, I was bummed to find out that they were closed for the holidays! I’m thinking however, what holiday could it be. I asked a woman selling strawberries down the road if she had known about a holiday. She replied,” I think it is a school holiday for them.” I know that dance schools usually take the summer off because kids are out of school, but I never heard of an apparel store doing so. I’ll have to do some more research and get to the bottom of this one.
Le Ballet