Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Day Nine Guest Speaker

An absolutely gorgeous day!

   Yesterday I dressed up for our guest speaker who came to class today. Before his presentation, I tried a popular Dutch dish called Bitterballen that was served with mustard. It had a distinctly fried exterior, with an almost gravy-like inside. It was very enjoyable. After the presentation, I went with my friend to try and find the Cat Café! The café is a place where domestic cats wander about a café while you eat or drink, and they are free to be pet and cuddled! We walked past plenty of gorgeous development areas and took in the scenery. The scent of flowers could be whiffed the entire time, and the flowers themselves were vibrant with health. Upon our arrival at the café, we saw one kitty curled up next to the window and knew instantly that the place was closed.

On the way back to the hostel, I hoped that I could return again before I leave for Berlin. We went to the small restaurant at the hostel where I ordered a Dutch pancake and apple juice. I was pleasantly surprised due to the sheer size of the plate I received upon my order. It was bigger than my head twice over! After pouring syrup and powdered sugar on it, I wholly demolished the pancake in minutes. Once the pancake was completely demolished, I was just in time for dinner! After walking about six miles, I had worked up quite the appetite. I ate beef, potatoes, vegetables, bread, and two different types of deserts! Extremely full, I made my way downstairs with my friends to watch one of them try a Dutch pancake for the first time. She was not a fan of it, and I went back to the room to catch up on some rest.