Saturday, July 18, 2015

Day 6 (The Icing on the Cake)-Paris

Today was the longest day, but a cool breeze in the morning and a cool breeze by night made this day so much better than yesterday! But, what really made the day even better caused Dr. Lukosius to notice the word “happiness” written all over my face. “Shawneis, you look extremely happy today. I’ve never seen you this happy before.” he says. Well, for starters I was up early and was able to go to a nice cafĂ© for breakfast with my roommate. I had an Jambon omelet with fromage(that’s just a ham and cheese omelet by the way). The omelet’s here in Paris are so good! They’re cooked in butter, and very light.

After that, my partner Darren and I went headed back out into the field to do some research. I was lucky enough to get not just one, but TWO interviews with the managers of dance apparel stores. One of the stores, BLOCH, is more of a high-end brand name. They were so kind that at the end of my interview I was given a couple of gifts. They gave me a cute BLOCH brand bag and a little ballet shoe key chain! The other store, FAME, is like the department store of dance apparel. They carry multiple brands, with the main brand being Capezio. Following the interviews, I had the BEST lasagna I’ve ever tasted. If you haven’t noticed, food truly warms my heart. 

With a happy tummy and two interviews, I was ready to relax! What better way to relax than going to see a fashion show in Paris, taking a site seeing river cruise, going to the top of the Eiffel tower, and watching it glisten in the night sky?! Overall, this day has truly been the icing on the cake of my Paris experience.