Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Day 17(Visit to the Capital) -Berlin

Maison de la Danse
Today started off with a lesson about how to travel the streets of Berlin. The system is probably the second hardest of all three of the Great Capitals that we’ve visited. Dr. Shanklin was kind enough to lead my partner and I almost half of the way to the destination of my first interview in Berlin. He did a great job of explaining the differences between the S bahn and the U bahn. The S bahn goes over the city, and the U bahn goes under. His instructions helped us to get to the company that I needed to interview just in the nick of time!
            As we walked up to “Maison de la danse”, we saw a man locking up the building and unlocking his bicycle. When he saw us approaching, he was about to go on a lunch break, and wouldn’t be back until 4pm, which happened to be the time that we would meet for our class trip to Reichtag (which is like the equivalent of the U.S capital building for Germany)! It took a minute, but I was able to get him to answer all of the questions that I needed. I had to talk really fast though because I knew that he was ready for that lunch break.

            The trip to the capital building of Germany was absolutely stunning! We got to see where parliament votes on issues, and learned a little bit about how the process works. One thing that I though was really cool about the building was the prayer room. In the room, a famous artist created multiple artworks that represented all of the religions that are practiced within parliament. In each design, there are nails embedded that signify the pain and suffering that we live through on earth. The room is a place where a lot of members come to pray before making very tough political vs. spiritual/moral decisions.