Friday, July 31, 2015

(Day 18) Home to Go

I woke up this morning ready to see more of berlin but also a little sad because I am approaching my final days in Europe. The day started with a company visit to a small start-up company in Berlin, HomeToGo. The CFO of the company gave us a presentation on the startup and the marketing aspect of the company. Listening to the story of how it started and how most of the founders have all been a part of other successful companies before their roles in this company. Being that I want to be an entrepreneur myself, it definitely was inspiring and motivating and I hope to be successful like them one day. after a great company visit my partner and I was ready for some more research. First we went to get my first interview in berlin, so we traveled to a really cool area that was actually full of small boutiques. I researched a shop before going and was hoping to get an interview but unfortunately when I went to it employee said she was not able to do the interview. Then I went to two other small shops in the area and both said they were unable to do interviews today. As soon as I was about to give up, I stopped at one last store and luckily got an interview. Simply happy that I got one interview, I was ready to go to my partners interview. Unfortunately, after traveling 30 minutes and going through 20 different stations we arrived at her interview and the store was closed for a holiday. Despite that, the today was a pretty decent day in Berlin