Saturday, July 18, 2015

Day Five Trip to The Eiffel Tower

It’s finally started to cool down!

Yesterday was probably the most eventful day I’ve had in Paris yet! I woke up and had an absolutely fantastic breakfast that consisted of a ham and cheese omelet, croissant, freshly squeezed orange juice, and coffee (which was actually an espresso for some reason) with my friend. While we were eating I noticed that one of the chefs had opened one of the cabinets in the bar from the INSIDE and walked out of it. My friend and I had a good laugh about that, especially once we saw him go back inside. The reason being is that in France, the kitchen is sometimes located in the basement of the establishment, which may or may not be in a cabinet! After breakfast, a group of friends and I went to go eat and shop! Once we got to the department store to witness my first ever fashion show, I sat down to observe the gorgeous models and their outfits. It was a completely unique experience, certainly one I will never forget!
 Afterwards, we all went to get food and smoothies before our scheduled boat tour. We passed underneath the famous Love Lock Bridge and observed fantastic views of the Eiffel Tower, as well as other gorgeous architecture. Once we finished the tour, our group took a visit to the Eiffel Tower. We were guided into a large lift that took us to the first level of the Tower. Although the first level may not sound very impressive, it allowed for a complete view of Paris from thousands of feet above ground. Many people were actually terrified to be at such a height. There was the option to go to the very top of the tower, but the line was too long and I went sightseeing with another friend instead. Afterwards, in an extremely sleep-deprived state, we all took the Metro back to the hostel. While waiting for the Metro, one of my friends spotted a mouse skittering around the benches. Although this event woke me up considerably, we all made it back to the hostel in order to have a restful sleep after a very long day.