Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Day Sixteen Trip to Reichstag

Adventuring around West side!

            I accidentally slept in a bit and did my best to make it to breakfast. After successfully eating some cereal, fruit, and coffee, I met up with my friend to run a few errands around the West side of Berlin. We took the tram and walked past the Lego Store, stopping to take a few pictures of a huge giraffe made entirely out of Legos. Afterwards we stopped by the Superdry Store where I purchased some underwear. After taking a small break at the hostel, I went to explore a new part of the city and took lots of pictures. I even tried Currywurst which had an amazing and unique flavor! My friend and I went back to the hostel to get ready to go to the Reichstag building with the whole group. I had no idea what to expect, only knowing that the place was an impressive governmental building. Our speaker was very helpful and kind, showing us through the immense and beautifully constructed building. We were told about the congress room, and how the seats within are a copyrighted color that can only be used for that purpose. We also learned about the gigantic eagle mounted in the congress room. It was created with the intent of looking friendly (despite its intimidating eyebrow) and inviting. We were led on to view Russian inscriptions on the sides of the building which I found to be quite fascinating. Next, we saw a fairly serene room solely dedicated to acknowledging several different religions.
After the last area of our tour was over, we made our way to the top of the building to begin our guided audio tour of a large and winding ramp, completely surrounded by windows and mirrors. As I observed the cityscape of Berlin, I listened intently to the rich history that went with it. After leaving the building and taking a few pictures with our passports, I headed to dinner at the Sony complex with a group of friends. I had sweet potato curry with a forest fruits smoothie! Everything was fabulous and completely refreshing. After dinner we all stopped to get gelatos which were also amazing. I was so exhausted after walking ten miles that I almost immediately went to sleep once we got back to the hostel.