Monday, July 27, 2015

Germany Today!!!

Oh my goodness!!! Let me tell you all what happened today! It has literally been the 2nd to longest day of my life! Soooo...we left for Berlin this morning. I woke up around 6am, went and got breakfast at 7am and waited for departure. As we left Central Station in Amsterdam, on the way to Berlin, the train stopped. The storm was so bad yesterday that the railways wouldn't allow us to go straight to Berlin; at least that was what we were told. We were already 2 hours away from Amsterdam, and no where near Berlin. So we were basically in the middle of nowhere. Good thing is, no one really freaked out by it being 50 students and 4 professors; we handled it pretty well. At this point, the only option was to go back to Amsterdam and catch a charter bus (taking 10+ hours to get to Berlin instead of 6). While sitting on the train, eventually the police came and kicked us off. We were able to get back on though. So after waiting for about an hour, the conductor comes on the intercom and states that a train is able to make it to Berlin leaving at 1:28pm, and everyone would need to be off of the train within 1 minute because that train was leaving. You can imagine what that looked like right? 50 students running around trying to grab their luggages and jump off of the train before it leaves. After losing shoes and forgetting jackets, we all made it off in 1 minute and the train left. We walk over to the train station waiting area to wait on our train to Berlin. When the train arrived, half of us was already on the train and it began to move. We began to grab luggages and people who were not yet on the train because we didn't want to leave them. Once again, WE ALL MADE IT ON! Okay, so after getting on the train, we then realized we had no seat! Everyone was standing and sitting in the aisles and on top of our luggages. Some of us went back to the last car to where the bicycles were and had to sit on the floor. We arrived to Germany 5 hours after our planned time of arrival. After eating at the train station soon as we got there, we caught another train closer to the hostel. We checked in, and called it a night.