Monday, July 27, 2015

Day Fifteen Deutsche Bahn Company Visit

Italian food in Germany?

            I woke up in time for breakfast where I was surprised to find a pleasant dining area large enough to fit everyone in our group comfortably. I was also pleased to see that they had a plentiful fruit salad available, to which I happily helped myself to. I was so used to drinking espresso every day, however, that their meager coffee had almost no effect on me. I had a very difficult time waking up. Nonetheless, I went with my marketing class and the accounting group to the company building Deutsche Bahn. While we were waiting to be allowed to enter, the accounting teacher gave a brief history of the Berlin Wall that separated the East and West side. There is still a small wall in front of the DB Building to give an idea of how it looked. It was completely covered in chewed gum and graffiti. The wall showed pictures of how the city looked before and after the wall was erected in different areas of Berlin. When the wall was taken down, there was much more nature and beauty than while the wall was still up.
When it was time to enter the DB building, we were each given a lanyard to identify ourselves. After being taken several stories up via elevator, the group entered a welcoming room complete with fruit drinks, sparkling water, tea, and coffee. Everything was set up so nicely that I was almost afraid to take anything! The head of marketing for DB, a train company (ironically the same one that we took the day before to get to Berlin), described the marketing sector of the company and how the business operated. I took a few pictures from the windows of the room and followed the professor to the Sony area behind the DB building. There was a cinema, IMAX Theater, several restaurants, and much more. Instead of eating there, I went for a walk with my friend and eventually came across a delicious looking Italian restaurant. Sure, it wasn’t German food but we had the whole rest of the week to have that, right? I ordered a five cheese pizza with lemonade and ate everything. Eating outside, it began to rain so we went inside to pay the check. Another friend came shortly to meet with us and we all walked back to the hostel under an umbrella. Later on in the day after a bit of relaxing, I came back out with my friend and a few new people to go grocery shopping. I purchased an adorable Hello Kitty bottle with an apple-peach drink inside. I also got some chocolates for my friends. I went to bed relatively early that night.