Thursday, July 30, 2015

Day 18 Our trip to Home To Go

Today was another early day for the marketing class; we were to meet in the lobby at 8 A.M. all ready to go. We had an appointment with a company called Home To Go. In an extremely condensed version Home To Go is basically building a standard to become the main search engine for vacation rentals. It was very interesting to see a much more laid back business setting than that of Deutsche Bahn earlier in the week. Dr. V couldn't get over just how creepy their new office building looked, it had a Shutter Island feel to it honestly. After our business meeting the class decided to explore that side of town a little bit and knock out our district assignments once and for all. It turns out that the market is actually inside the shopping mall, which we all thought was very unusual and also why it was so difficult for us to find. Once we made it back to the hostel we all crashed for a light nap, once i was awake I decided to explore a little bit of the city on my own. There was a local festival going on nearby so that was my end destination, it turns out that going alone was my first mistake because I had none there to talk me out of buying all the things I did. I just couldn't help it there were vendors from all over the world and I was just amazed by it all. I stayed for hours before returning to the hostel to call it a night.