Sunday, July 19, 2015

Day 8 (Arriving in Amsterdam)

Sara and I at the park in Amsterdam!
As we arrived in The Netherlands, the first thing that I noticed was that there were so many different types of birds (of which I’m not too fond of) and a million BIKES! They don’t call it bike country for no reason. According to Dr. Shanklin, the bike movement in Amsterdam began during a time when the city was very short on oil, and therefore could not drive vehicles. I find it quite interesting that the trend stuck around.

            I absolutely cannot wait for the week to begin here in Amsterdam. The city is very pro green, with a nice park right across from our hostile! Speaking of the hostile, I have one thing to say. Thank GOD for showers and bathrooms in each room. Also, the water pressure in the shower is absolutely perfect. In the Paris hostile, the water was so cold, and you had to keep pressing a button to keep the water on! A couple of other perks to the hostile that we’re staying at in Amsterdam is way better wifi and a buffet for breakfast and dinner! The buffet food isn’t full of carbs either. I’m finally going to be able to eat without feeling like I’m gaining 10 pounds a day! I've made a promise to myself that I wouldn't eat any desserts while in Amsterdam, considering I totally pigged out in Paris. Oh yea, and I plan to take daily morning runs at the park:) Operation "Get Fit in Europe" in in full effect!