Saturday, July 18, 2015

Day Six Final Day in Paris

Au Revoir!

We leave for Amsterdam tomorrow! I cannot believe how quickly this week has gone by. I spent the day doing menial tasks, such as packing or doing laundry.Once all the tasks were complete, my roommates and I all went to go eat a late lunch. I had the classic Madame Croquet sandwich which is a ham and cheese sandwich with an egg on top. A local Parisian let me know the proper way to eat the sandwich (with a fork and knife) and I dug in! Everything was delicious and hit the spot entirely. After a bit of last minute exploring around Paris, we all headed back to the hostel. After about three hours of slumber, I woke up and went to an absolutely lovely dinner with my friends at an Italian restaurant. Since the food was notably pricey, I ordered an appetizer which consisted of artichokes and fresh Parmesan cheese. My friend also allowed me to have a taste of her Gnocchi dish. Everything was beyond delicious, and I devoured everything happily.