Saturday, July 18, 2015

Day 7 (Last night in Parrrriisss)

This week went by extremely fast! I can’t believe we’ll be headed to Amsterdam tomorrow. Hopefully I haven’t added too many pounds to my luggage already. The stairs of the metro are definitely not made for big bags!
         I realized that the entire week my feet have been screaming for my attention. What better way is there to show them love than to go get a pedicure! My roommates traveled with me to the nail shop just around the corner from the hostile. I was so looking forward to a nice soak and foot massage. Unfortunately, the work of the French pedicurist was not what I expected. No massage for me! I was so sad. I wanted to complain, but I figured complaining would do no good considering she didn’t speak English. Not only that, but I didn’t care to much for the design that she did either. I tried to finesse a discount from the manager, but that didn’t work too well. I guess I just had to accept an “L” for that visit.

            The good news is, tonight will be EPIC! My roommate Ally and I will be enjoying dinner and drinks while watching the infamous Moulin Rouge! We have been singing the song “Lady Marmalade” this entire trip, and I know we wont be able to stop dancing all of the way home. This show will definitely be one for the books.