Thursday, July 16, 2015

Day Four Counterfeit Museum

The hottest day of the year…

From start to finish, today was one thing: excruciatingly HOT! As soon as I woke up, there was talk everywhere about how the weather would reach over 100 degrees. Luckily, we were all provided with water bottles to take with us to the Counterfeit Museum. On the way there we experienced our first burst of air conditioning since we arrived at the country! Surprisingly one of the Metros had very decent seating (for a Metro) as well as cold AC. It was extremely refreshing, especially when paired with the sweltering heat. At the Counterfeit Museum we learned about the differences between counterfeits, copies, and invention items. After that, we had the rest of the day to ourselves. One thing I’ve noticed while in Paris is that ice cubes are almost unheard of. One of my friends asked for a cup of ice once and the waiter was in complete shock. Luckily at the restaurant I went to today, there was ice placed in my tea. After a long and hot day it was exactly what I needed.