Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Day 1 Arrival at Paris


Yesterday I finally arrived in Paris, France. After months of preparation, it was time to start a new chapter of my life while abroad. I quickly made friends and anxiously awaited the plane to our connecting flight in Detroit. Once we arrived, my new friends and I had about six hours to kill before the next flight to Paris, so we explored the immense airport in our spare time. Once it was time to board the plane, we made our way back to our assigned gate, only to find out that our flight had been delayed for about an hour and a half due to maintenance. The Delta crew was kind enough to offer free snacks and beverages for the wait. During the plane ride, when it came about an hour after the original departure time, I managed to get only forty-five minutes of sleep. There is a gorgeous view of the Eiffel Tower on the way to our hostel, and I eagerly took photos of the landmark. We will be staying at this hostel for the entire week that we are in Paris. I decided to share a room with a few of the friends I had made at the airport, as well as a few new faces. We all instantly got along, and, after eating lunch at the hostel, made our way to a grocery store to do one of our district assignments. After a reluctant nap, my friends and I went to a nearby restaurant to experience our first taste of authentic French cuisine. My steak, potatoes, and salad were absolutely delicious. I would certainly not mind going back again. Once we returned to the hostel, everyone quickly showered and went to bed. We made sure we’d be completely ready for our next big day in Paris!