Wednesday, July 15, 2015

(Day 3) Research Begins

Although day one and two were great I had even higher expectations of day three. Now somewhat acclimated with the city of Paris I was now ready to explore more and start my research. As soon as the day started I woke up a started my journey for the day. First my fellow classmate and I went to collect data for our research and came across a beautiful neighborhood filled with luxury stores. Since she is researching the marketing of dance apparel, we first stop in a store called Repetto where she interviewed the manager of the store about the marketing strategy of the store.

After her interview we traveled to a completely different side of the city for my interview. This area was a more urban side of town, filled with small boutiques. My interview was with a store called Champs which is a small store owned by for young french guys looking to grow their luxury street brand. The interview was great, especially since the owner spoke perfect English and was more than happy to answer my questions.

Lastly, to finish our day we went to a restaurant called Hippopotamus and had some great food.