Saturday, July 23, 2016

Amsterdam Day 3: Another tour around the east part of the city

Day 3 in Amsterdam was another day where I expected to get multiple things accomplished. My expectations for today involved doing some more interviews with gym managers, learning about more parts of the city, and just enjoying the beautiful weather outside.
I started out my morning by going to breakfast as soon as the cafeteria opened. I wanted to be there early because the line was long yesterday, and I wanted to get an early start to my journey throughout the city. I made sure to eat a larger breakfast too because I was going to walk a lot today. I remember checking my watch before I went to sleep and it showed that I walked about 25,000 steps which approximates to about 12-13 miles. I never would have imagined that I walked a half marathon, but I guess I really toured the city yesterday. Today, I expected the same thing because the other gyms were located at farther distances than my original places. 
I set out to go more towards the eastern part of Amsterdam since I mainly traveled around the central, south and western region. This part looked slightly different because it seemed more residential and there was more construction. In addition, this side seemed like it had less people than the western and central region. In terms of gym locality, I noticed that the gyms were more dispersed from each other compared to the western region where I found multiple on one street. Even though the gyms were spaced out, they were mainly located a couple of streets from each other. One thing that I was excited about was that I was able to get two more interviews today, which brought my total to three. The two meetings today brought more insight into European gym marketing. The key difference between the gyms today was that one was more of an independent gym while the other was a branch of multiple gyms. After completing my interviews I spent some time with my group to spend some leisure time throughout the city.
The primary things that we did during our leisure time was to work on our district assignment and look around at different shops and restaurants. One of the most interesting things that happened was when we were walking towards Dam Square and we ended passing through China Town. This place literally had multiple Asian shops and restaurants, but it was very cool to witness the culture within this small area. 
Overall, my day went very well and I was able to accomplish what I wanted to get done.