Saturday, July 16, 2016

Day 4 Bastille Day!

Today is Bastille day! The marketing class started our day by waking up and going to see the Catacombes. We started the day pretty early as usual so we could have a full day. As we approached the Catacombes we thought we were really excited because we didn't see the massive amount of people like the day before so we thought we'd get to go straight in. Well that didn't happen the line was wrapped around the building. We waiting in line for about 30 min which wasn't too bad. When we got inside we had to walk down these spiral steps that took us all the way down to start our tour. When we got down to the bottom of the steps it was creepy at first because it was very dim and we had to walk all through these tunnels until we got to where the skulls and bones were. When we finally got to where the bones were it was so amazing to see all of them! They were stacked up made into walls and the skulls were placed in different designs throughout, it was really cool to see. There were so many bones down there it was unbelievable. As we continued through we finally got to the steps to take us back up and this was the hardest part. We had to walk up a steep spiral staircase and my legs were burning by the time we got back up! It was so worth it though by far the Catacombes were one of my favorite things we saw. While we were close to the Catacombes I decided to try and get another interview and I was successful! The lady was so nice and probably the friendliest person I've talked to so far.

Next we went to the louvre. We took the metro and got off at the stop. We walked into another mall that was connected to the louvre. There's literally shopping everywhere in Paris! We walked through then got In line to go in. The louvre is so big and there were so many people! We first went to see the Ancient Greek section which was beautiful with all of the statues. Then we went to find the Mona Lisa. This was a journey to find. We followed all of the signs and finally entered the room I was so excited! There were hundreds of people crowded around the picture that we couldn't even see it once we started walking toward the crowd. After shoving our way through for about 10 minutes we finally got in the front!! We took some good pictures I tried to selfie with it but it didn't turn out too well but at least I can say I took a selfie with Mona Lisa! Next we went through ancient Egypt then Africa which had some cool pieces as well. By this time we were burnt out from all of the walking and people and decided to leave. I did enjoy goi g and seeing all the art work my favorite part of course was seeing the Mona Lisa. Later that night we went with the group to see fireworks not too far from the university to end Bastille day. The fireworks were so pretty and delicate and not like our fireworks in the us loud and big but I enjoyed there's more! Today was very fun and eventful we had a great time!