Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Day 2 (my favorite so far)!

Today was an overall great day. we started off with orientation early this morning then myself along with the other marketing students went to grab breakfast before we met with Dr. V to discuss our topics and what we were going to focus on for the day. We had breakfast in the Spanish house and they offered cereal, baguettes, croissants, and fruit. The breakfast in Paris is pretty different from at home but it was good. next we went to talk about our research topics and we all were to try and get an interview done today. All four of us went together to Denfert Rochereau because we all could find a place for our topics in this area. I went to a store called Undiz which sold men’s and women’s underwear, bras, beach wear, and lounge clothing. this was an interesting experience because it was a big language barrier but the store manager Chloe really worked with me, she was very nice and knowledgable! 
I really enjoyed walking over here because theres a lot to see. there’s plenty of cafes, shopping, markets, and nice scenery! while we were out it did start raining so we decided to sit in McDonalds for a little bit. no, we didn’t eat there jasmine and i grabbed sandwiches from a bakery while Ashley and Kempson got asian food. next, we decided to take a break and regroup in a few hours.

That evening we went to Montmartre the art district in Paris this was by far has been my favorite place because there are many things to see and just stumble on while walking. we climbed the hill that Basilica of Sacre- Coeur sits on and went inside the church. 
it did start to rain again off and on while we were over here but it was okay we still took in the neighborhood and enjoyed walking around. we ate at a cafe in this neighborhood too and the food was good. i ordered a pesto linguine and tried some of Ashley’s Mussels. They were actually pretty good! when we left the cafe it had got chilly and it was raining but, we wanted to walk by Moulin Rouge so we did before we left from over there. We then took the metro back to catch the RER to come back to the University. today was really fun I’m glad we ventured out and saw a new area of paris because it made me really see the true beauty of the city and see that it has a lot to offer.