Saturday, July 23, 2016

July 22 Day 12- Amsterdam

Today we went to the Van Gogh museum with everyone. We took a group photo in front if the I Amsterdam sign. We went inside the museum and finally started to walk around. It was a lot to see but, after all the museums we've seen in Paris I really don't have anymore room to be wowed or really into a museum. After leaving the museum we went to the Albert Cuypmarkt. It was cool there. I found a good deal on soap there and I also found a hair store along the way. I've never been so happy to walk into a beauty supply store. My hair was ready to be freed from bondage. After leaving the market we walked around trying to find a bank so I could get more interviews. I had a little luck and was able to get in one interview. All of the other banks that google maps led us to were more like brokerage firms. After having no more luck, we went back to the hostille but, we were led through a different way. We came up through a side of Vondelpark we had never been on. This side was more scenic. Later we went on a canal cruise with everyone. It was really relaxing and cold once we got to the harbor.