Saturday, July 23, 2016

July 19 Day 9- Amsterdam

Today we met with Dr. V to discuss how things have been going so far. We also discussed our class outing for Thursday and our plans to visit the Anne Frank house. After breakfast we came back upstairs to finish getting ready and then we went out to do interviews. We went to the Anne Frank house to meet up with Dr. Northcut's class and to see how long of a wait it would be. They said the wait time was 1 hour and 30 minutes so we went off to get interviews while they waited. We all were able to get something accomplished today. After finishing up walking around, we went back to the Anne Frank house to get in line. While waiting in line, Dr. V came and offered every one some sparkling mint water. I tried it and, it was different. It tasted like carbonated water with mint in it. Finally we go to the front of the line and were able to walk through the Anne Frank house. It wasn't quite what I'd expected. It was a lot of rooms with no furniture. It still was a nice experience.