Sunday, July 17, 2016

Day 7: Traveling to Amsterdam July, 17, 2016

This morning, we had to be downstairs and ready to go by 7AM! Oh my goodness, it was so early. What made it worse was that I had only gotten back from Disneyland at 1:30AM that morning, and I had to re-pack due to all the souvenirs I bought! Then after I had to do laundry and pack up everything. By the time I was actually finished with everything, it was 5:30AM. I layed down for about 15 minutes and got up to take a shower, get dressed, and move my stuff downstairs. The morning had already proved itself to be long.
Once downstairs, we all checked out and headed towards the metro one last time. It was a beautiful day in Paris, and I was somewhat everwhelmed by my feelings. There were so many things I didn't get to do, and I knew that I wouldn't be able to do everything. However, it gave my the determination to plan my days out and follow through with them, plan my time wisely. Either way, Paris was amazing, but I knew that there were new advetures that were waiting for me.
We got on the metro and took it to Gare du Nord, at which we took a train from Paris to Amsterdam. Getting everything on the train and down the small aisles was the biggest challenge I had had thus far, plus the fact that our seat assignments were mixed up, so people were rearranging from station to station at times. I got a couple hours of sleep, but not much at all.

Once we arrived in Amsterdam, my excitement rose. Traveling from country to country is one of the greatest experiences to have and the fact that I was going from beautfil city to beautiful city just made me want to cry tears of joy!!! Amsterdam, in all it's wonder, is beautiful!!! From the canals, to the architecture, to the amazing crowds of bikers, I knew Amsterdam would be a city to uncover. Amsterdam, is not like France at all, in that there is really no language barrier, and there are foods and social norms that we can better understand. To me, Amsterdam already feels like home.

After checking into our hostel, I found a Mexican fast food place and we all decided to check it out. After about a 30 minute walk, we made it to Salsa Shop! Walking in was a breath of fresh air because it smelled wonderful and I could actually read a menu that was familiar to me!! We all got our food and our unanimous decision was complete deliciousness!! It brought a smile to my face. If this is what Amsterdam has in store for us, then I can't wait to see what this week has in store!