Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Day 16: Paris day 2

Our second day in Paris was quite an adventure. We started of the day by having a nice lunch and then sat in the park while eating some pastries with Dr. V. After that we went to this garden walk where we could see the houses of Paris, which was pretty neat. On the way to the walk we noticed there were a bunch of police out and they had roads blocked off, we just kept walking because we were with Dr. V. After walking the path to an exit, we had the option to continue or go do whatever. Donald and I decided to try to go do one of my interviews because it was near by. While walking back down we noticed shops were closing and the streets looked quite, we were getting a little worried because there were more police by this time. We found out there was a protest going on about some law that got passed, so my store ended up being closed. So we walked very fast to the metro but it was closed and ended up having to walk to the other one. After getting on the metro we felt a little safer and tried to go interview one of Donald's stores but it was closed as well. After this we just went back to the campus to relax and catch up on homework. Around 8 we decided to go back to the city with some others to go get macaroons from Laduree, and they were amazing! After that we then went to see the Effie tower light up, which was also amazing. Then we came back to the campus at around midnight and tried to get some sleep.