Saturday, July 23, 2016

Sunday Travel Day to Amsterdam! Day 7

Today we woke up and headed to Amsterdam! I was so excited to be moving on to our next city and seeing something new. I loved Paris it was so much fun and a lot to see but it was that time. We took the train to a station to catch the train we would take to Amsterdam at 7am. The train ride was only 2 hours and I slept most of the way. When we finally arrived in Amsterdam and got out of the station I was so amazed at how beautiful it really is and the cool vibes the city has! I immediately felt like I could live here and knew I would like this better than Paris. Also everyone rides bikes and mopeds here for the most part like the bikes have they're own lane! It's really different. Were staying at a Stay Okay Hostel in Vondel Park. in Amsterdam we have 4 girls to a room. In our room its Jasmane, Ashley, Megan, and I, I think we have a pretty great room!

 A group of us went to grab Mexican food from a place similar to chipotle at home. It was so good, and well seasoned!! Amsterdam has many food places similar to the U.S unlike Paris. As we walked back from the Mexican place we noticed just the relaxed chill vibes of the people here in the city everyone seems really laid back and chill for the most part. We also stopped in a thrift store that had so many cool things that I'll be going back to so I can shop! Next we stopped by a grocery store close to the hostel and came back to wait for dinner. Dinner was okay it's a lot different from Paris because we all eat together at a certain time but it's pretty cool. After we had our orientation for the city with the whole group. I really think Amsterdam is going to be fun and can't wait to get the week going!