Friday, July 8, 2016

July 3, 2016
A Small Hop to Paris
               Day 15 of GEC 1 is a travel day! YAYYYY (not really I hate travel days lol). WE had to wake up early to check out, which was a huge struggle for me since I'm still exhausted from the Beyonce concert but I still made it. Only annoying thing was we wake up early to check out but our train for Paris didn't leave until 3 so we had plenty of time to spare. Me and my friends decide to run a few quick errands of last minute souvenir shopping and someone needed a carryon bag. We all thought it would take about an hour , hour and a half max, but nope nothing goes as plan as usual. The store didn't open when expected and they didn't have the carryon we were looking for so we had to go to another store, which still wasn't open. After the second store finally opens the intercom person tells us that they are open for browsing only for 30 minutes because of some law.  So of course a simple hour trip turned into an almost three hour task and we made back to school in time to grab our suitcases and go.
               Traveling to Paris was not nearly as bad as traveling to London. There was still walking with heavy suitcases , so be mindful of what you pack and buy. But we walked to the metro station and traveled from the metro to an international station, THE HARRY POTTER TRAIN STATION (and yes we were on  platform 9 but not 3/4). The train to Paris was much more spacious than the one for London and since  my follow group became closer conversation flowed easily and it was a fun ride, but do remember to sleep as much as possible. Once at Paris it w

as truly a different experience , mostly because no one is speaking a language you know but also because the people don't seem as...well welcoming. Not that they're mean but they don't at you when you make awkward eye contact they just stare at you. But of the train and onto the University which mean MORE WALKING! but thankfully still not that bad. WE get to the rooms and get ourselves adjusted, the language barrier become very real when we tried to get food, very stressful trying to tell someone what you do and don't want. After food I showered and passed out. Tomorrow would be adventured day in the city.