Friday, July 29, 2016

Berlin Day 5-The Last Full Day

Day 5 in Berlin was the last full day in this city. I would admit that I am going to miss just being abroad because I enjoy learning about other cultures, and it has been my childhood dream to travel the world. The thing that I love the most with traveling is tasting the different types of food. It’s amazing how foods can be similar among cultures, but have some differences that distinguish them from each other. The main thing that I loved the most while here in Berlin was the various ethnic foods throughout the area. I was amazed to see such a plethora. It is like I was a kid in a candy store because I could try so many new things in one week. With these reflections, I knew that I had to finish off the week well by actively engaging in the activities that we had planned today. The specific activities for today entailed listing to a guest speaker and visiting Bundestag.

The conversation with our guest speaker was about European law. This topic was very pleasing to hear because she was discussing key background information with the European Union. For instance, she talked about the implications involving United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union (EU). She discussed how the problem came about and what would likely happen to the EU and the UK.
Furthermore, we stopped at an Indian restaurant close by and the food was very delicious. It was probably my best meal of the whole trip. I had a lamb meal with naan bread, and this was such a great dish to have. 

After that, our group stopped at Bundestag. I learned that Bundestag is the German Parliament, and that we would actually be able to see where government officials operate. We saw many things within this building, but the two things that caught my attention was the multipurpose religious area and the circular dome at the top of the building. The multipurpose religious area made me think about the sensitivity that the builders had for people of various religions. I thought it was a smart move because it showed that they wanted to respect people’s beliefs. Then, the circular dome at the top was very exquisite. This area amazed me because I could see the beauty of the city and view such beautiful architecture. This was a great excursion for me, and a wonderful way to end my tours in Berlin.