Monday, July 11, 2016

July 9, 2016
I'm Coming Home
               Day 21 of GEC 1 and I am on a plane literally all day long. I have endured 8 long hours to Charlotte, North Carolina. I slept only for a total of 3 hours of it using the rest of my time by watching Tangled (of course I had to watch more Disney), Happy Feet, and Date Night. If I wasn't watching a movie I was daydreaming and rocking out to my travel playlist. After enduring that long flight were had to go through customs which, besides the lines, wasn't bad, the workers were friendly and helpful. The complaint I have however, is that we had to practically run o our next flight because our first plane landed 45 minutes before departure. YAY! So sprinting through the airport we run through checking our bags and security checks and to plane. Truly god and luck was on our side because the flight was delayed and they were nice enough to wait for our (mostly because it was a big amount of people).  So for future reference for TNCIS schedule later flights!

               Overall I'm really happy I was able to go on this study abroad. I was truly a great experience and opened my eyes about the world. I learned new tradition for other countries and a little bit of a different language. I learned that I can make it on my own a way for home in a strange and new environment. But mostly I learned how it really is a small world after all (yes another Disney reference lol). All three countries I would have moment were I would forget I'm not in my home country because in certain ways the people and places are similar. I just found it amazing how we are miles and worlds apart from people still can find a million things in common with a random stranger. While I had a great time in Europe, I am truly happy to be home! This trip has also showed me a new appreciation of home, it is the simple things of convenience to be able to be go to Walmart or Zaxby's late at night to go get some food.  In all it was a fun experience and I wait to travel more countries, but in the end there is truly no like home.