Saturday, July 23, 2016

Day 8

Today was our first full day! We woke up had breakfast then did our walking tour. The breakfast in Amsterdam is better than it was in Paris. It's still not like ours at home but it's good. They serve a variety of meat, cheese, and bread. Also they have jams, fruit, boils eggs, and cereal. After breakfast we waited in the lobby for the tour guide to pick us up and we walked to meet at the tour location in the city. Our tour guide was Rocco he was a great guide! He took us to the red light district, a hidden church, showed us Amsterdam LGBTQ monument, among many other things. I really enjoyed the walking tour here more than Paris because it was more entertaining and Amsterdam is a city made for walking and just taking in all the beauty of the buildings, canals, and things along the way. Our walking tour took almost 3 hours but, after that we came back to the hostel to take a quick nap before dinner. 

We woke back up and headed to dinner then after dinner we did some more exploring in the city by just walking around. We did end up grabbing food at an Italian place close to the hostel because we really didn't like the food they served today for dinner in the hostel. Then we grabbed ice cream from a place near by. The ice cream was really good! As we were walking around there were so many people out and about and people playing music it was really cool to see especially for a Monday night. We then headed back to the hostel to get ready for the next day!