Monday, July 11, 2016

Day 1: July 10/11 Travel Day to Paris!!

Today was an adventure to remember!! I am trying to take advantage of my time by writing on the train, which might I add, IS AMAZING!!! I am starting to get excited about being in PARIS!!!! Finally, my dream come true. For months on end, I have been planning and preparing for this moment, and it has been everything and more!!! Right now, I do not feel as tired as everyone else is expressing, and I believe it's my adrenaline kicking in. But why shouldn't it be? I'm in the city of love, lights, and adventure.
My day began early this morning. A last minute trip to Walmart was the cause. It's almost impossible to sit down and remember everything you will need. Excitement really kicks in. I was then headed to BNA, Nashville International Airport. I arrived with my parents kind of nervous and excited and wondering who I was going to meet and what everything would be like. But honestly, I was ready to get there! After everyone arrived, we began the boarding process. I was first in line, and everything went very smooth, traveling being a frequent thing to do of mine. I said goodbye to my parents, sad but ready to embark on a journey I would never forget! Thus, the beginning of my first trip overseas.
After waiting about an hour or so, we all began boarding, heading to Atlanta. The plane ride was nice, and I slept immediately. As soon as we got off, we were off to the International terminal for our nearly 8 hour flight to Paris. The plane was HUGE!! I settled into my seat, grabbed my earphones, and waited for everyone to board. The plane ride was SO NICE. I felt so catered to, and I can only imagine what first class felt like. There were tons of movies, music, games, everything you need. We had dinner, which I thought was delicious, consisting of cheese tortellini, salad, shrimp cocktail, a pretzel roll, cheese and crackers, with drinks, and breakfast, which was bread, cheese, orange juice, yogurt, and coffee. I loved every minute. I got a bit of sleep, which is why I'm beginning to think my adrenaline is serving me well! Everything is going so smoothly, and though it's 7 am and I have an entire day ahead of me, I cannot wait to see what is in store!!! Next Stop, Cite Internationale Universitaire de Paris!!