Saturday, July 23, 2016

Day 10: Unforgettable

Today in Amsterdam was one of our free days. We would have the entire day to ourselves, and these days were the perfect days to go out and conducts interviews, golden days for research!
Like any other free day, honestly, it was a great opportunity to sleep a little longer than we normally would, and that's exactly what I did. I didn't actually get up and outside of my room until about 12:00 Noon-1:00PMish. Jasmane and I decided to get something to eat at the Hard Rock Café!! It's one of my favorite places and I wasn't sure when I would get the opportunity to eat here again! Our food was delicious and nothing short of worth it!

Next, we met up with Kayla and Kempson, after a short shopping break!! (It wasn't our fault. H&M is on every corner and the sales are amazing!!! Couldn't have been passed up!!) However, my day took a turn for the worst....
I have asthma, and my condition can worsen with things such as weather changes or sickness, both of what I was experiencing in Paris and somewhat Amsterdam. Sometimes, it is easier to control and other times, not so much. When you're on the verge of an attack, it insights panic, the panic of not being able to breathe, which worsens my condition. So, I ended up having to rush and find a hospital. It all was so scary, thinking of the cost and wondering if I would be able to get the help I needed. In some ways, it was kind of perfect because I was here, studying pharmacies and how the health care system worked in Europe, so I used my knowledge in that area and was able to get the help I needed. I actually needed to go to a pharmacy, so it was as if my research came full circle. After that, I was good to go!
I met back up with my group and we headed back to the hostel. Once getting some well-needed rest, we headed back out to visit the Red Light District and enjoy a night in Amsterdam! It was wonderful!