Saturday, July 23, 2016

July 17 Day 7- From Paris to Amsterdam

Today is the day we finally said au revoir to Paris. Paris is a great city but it's so busy. I was quite ready for a change. We met in the lobby at 7 am to turn in our room keys and leave for Amsterdam. After checking out we got on the RER and headed to the train station. After grabbing breakfast inside the station, we went through security for the train and boarded the train. The train ride was a couple of hours but I wouldn't know because I slept most of the ride here. When we got off the train and walked into the station it was like the complete opposite of Paris. There was a lot of people but not so many that it's hard to function and move around like it was in Paris. We got 1 hour cards for the tram to ride to our hostille. After getting to the hostille, we had to wait until 2 to go to our rooms. In Amsterdam, girls are 4 to a room while guys are 5 to a room. Much different from the 2 person to a room in Paris. The hostille is really nice and so are our rooms. We walked around the city for a while after putting our stuff in our rooms. We ate lunch at a Mexican restaurant kind of like chipotle. It was so much better than the food in Paris. The food in Paris was okay but after the first two days I got tired of it. They don't really eat heavy meals there. From what I can tell so far, there will be plenty of hefty meals in Amsterdam. After leaving the restaurant we went to the market for water and returned to the hostille. Dinner was at 6:30 which was followed by orientation.