Sunday, July 24, 2016

July 24 Day 14- From Amsterdam to Berlin

Today we finally left for Berlin, which means we're only days away from going home. We had to be up and downstairs by 6:45. Then we turned in our room cards and ate breakfast. After breakfast we were off to the train station. Getting to the train station was hell. We all had more bags than we started out with. Once we got to the train station, we went to the platform for our train and waited. Once a train finally did arrive we were told to wait because no one was sure if it was our train. After that got straightened out we got on and found seats for the two hour ride to the transfer point. After getting to the transfer point, we had to hustle to store our bags and find seats. Some people weren't so fortunate and had to stand and sit in the floor for the entire time. Once we got to Berlin, we got on a subway train to our hostel. These guys got on after us and were asking for tickets but we didn't have ours. So when we got off they did too. Overall today was okay.