Monday, July 11, 2016

Day 18: The Fake Museum

Today some of us chose to have breakfast in the city. We attempted to try that 50s diner again (yes it's just that good) and like the day before... they were open but no one came to serve us. I'm starting to think that even though they have breakfast hours posted, they don't intend to work that early. Any way, we went further down back to the crape shop and ate. Afterwards we decided to head to the meet up spot for the next group presentation. It was my idea to go early because we were told that it takes some time to get to the destination via the train and I like being on time. Unfortunately, it didn't take as long as we expected so we exited the train a spot early to walk around and site see. This was a bad mistake.
This part of town was packed, dirty, and busy with locals walking around and j-walking to the point that traffic was jammed and horns sounding off. We ducked inside a Foot Locker, which made us throw away our drinks before entering 😒. We decided to hang out there for a while for we felt the stop we were told to stop on would have absolutely nothing out there to do. After about 15 minutes inside the store it too became too packed, so we decided to head back to the train and head to the museum.

The museum wasn't that far from the train but we were still way too early. We went to a local grocery store to wait. While there I remembered I needed to document another store so I started searching for the price of eggs, milk, and meat. When we finished we went back to the museum and waited for the rest of the group. When they arrived we then rang the doorbell and gained access.

The museum was cool and filled with clothes, electronics, household goods, and luxury items. Our tour guide was named Antoine and he used to be a medical student but decided to switch careers. He spoke very passionately about why we shouldn't participate in the purchasing of counterfeited items. Some items are easy to detect while others were harder. What's shocking is that fact that Bic is the most counterfeited brand in the world...let that sink in. After the museum we were free to go and most wanted to go sightseeing, eating, and/or shopping. I, on the other hand, still haven't gotten any interviews so I had to go search for some. Oh the joys of independent research.