Friday, July 29, 2016

Berlin Day 1-Tour Day

Day 1 in Berlin was day for touring the city. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to walk around the city and get a rough idea of where sites were located. Then today, I felt more acclimated to the city because I was able to quickly pick up on some of the major landmarks and streets. This effort helped me feel more comfortable with collecting data for my research and knowing where to go for different events and attractions. Today, we had two events scheduled which were the walking tour and the Berlin television tower.
First, I started out the day with my normal routine of early morning breakfast and my morning workout. Then, prepared for the walking tour. One of the things that I thought about for this tour was that it was going to be long, but exciting. I always knew that Germany was well-known for its history, but I was looking forward to an in-person perspective of the city of Berlin.

At the tour, I was really interested in the fact that our tour guide studied history while obtaining her master’s degree, and it let me know that she would provide a detailed amount of information with Berlin’s history. She took us to many sites such as The Holocaust Memorial, the Berlin Wall, Hitler’s underground hiding area and Humboldt University. The main sites which really caught my attention was Hitler’s underground hiding area and the Holocaust Memorial. For the Hitler site, our tour guide provided extensive amount of background history with Hitler and his wife. She provided more detailed information on Hitler’s personal life, and it was my first time ever hearing this information. I also like the idea behind the Holocaust memorial which was to allow people to form their own perspective as they observe the structure. It was interesting because this place had no sign and only short and tall blocks. 

Then at night, our group went to the tv tower. The tv tower was very tall and you could literally see it from miles away. We went all the way up to the top, and it reminded me of the Eiffel Tower where you are literally able to see the whole city. I enjoyed this view because I got an overview perspective of what the city of Berlin look like. This was such a great way to end my first full day in Berlin.