Saturday, July 16, 2016

Paris Day 6

I call this day “Preparation Day”. Today was the last full day in Paris, and the main thing that was on mind was finishing off Paris right and preparing for Amsterdam. I actually started off this day by sleeping longer than usual, which was against what I usual routine. Even with the change, I felt refreshed for another day. One thing that did feel different was starting off later because I felt like I missed out on some time.  With all that being said, I knew I had tasks such as getting laundry done, packing for tomorrow, and making sure that my class work was complete.

I started out the day by doing laundry. While waiting on my clothes, I decided to utilize my time wisely by listening to my podcast and checking emails. This made my laundry experience worthwhile because at least I was able to do something than just be bored for most of the time.

Secondly, I started packing up my things for Amsterdam. The great thing about packing for me was that I really did not have to repack that much since I left most of items in my suitcase. I just had to make sure that I had all of my necessities together so that I would not forget anything in Paris.

Thirdly, I started checking out some things that I would need to know for Amsterdam such as mobile apps and the weather. From what I saw, the weather looked like it will be sunny all week. I literally saw 70-80 degree weather, which made me excited because at least I could look forward to a warmer week. In addition, the apps that I downloaded for Amsterdam was such a great help for me. I remember how I used the same apps for France, it helped so much, especially with understanding basic language statements and cultural customs. With that being said, I felt adept for coming on my way to Amsterdam.