Saturday, July 30, 2016

BerlinDay 6- Travel Day

Day 6 in Berlin was officially travel day. I was in a travel dilemma because I enjoyed being on this trip, but I still also wanted to see my family, so it was a tough situation for me. I still enjoy days like these because it’s a reminder to me of the travels that I plan on taking in the future. With that being said, I knew I had a big day ahead so I knew that I would have to slightly switch up my morning routine to be well rested for the plane trip. This plane trip would literally last most of the day so I made sure that I prepared everything the night before, so I could be productive for the plane ride.

The process on heading to the airport was something that I looked forward to because I knew that the time was coming for me to get back home. My family was even contacting me to just see how I was doing because they knew that the time was coming near for me to come back. I myself even thought about what it would be like when I come back because I knew that I had many responsibilities to take care of when I get back. Two of the things that I thought about was class registration and tuition payment. The great thing was that I was slightly prepared with both of them, but I still had some more work to do to make sure that everything was set for the semester.

Lastly, our group made it through the check-in process, and we waited for a long period of time before boarding the plane. During the waiting process I looked at the various signs posted around the airport because it reminded me of how close I was to traveling home. With that being said, I waited until the time came for us to board the plane, and I knew that I will finally be back home.