Friday, July 8, 2016

July 4,2016
Day 16 of GEC 1 and I have discovered that this city is incredibly loud for someone odd reason. Yes, you guessed it I barely slept last night due to a loud audience outside, lack of a fluffy pillow, and heat. So to say today wasn't my best day would be accurate. I don't know exactly why I was annoyed all day, but I'm pretty sure it's because I'm slightly homesick because it's the 4th of July,  I'm hungry, an sleep deprivation all very bad combinations. Nevertheless I continued my day and ignored the constant firework ,BBQ , and pool party filled snapchats and instagram posts.

                Today we received a walking tour of Paris which wasn't bad but wasn't good either. The group was wayyyy to big to really hear the tour guide speak  but  we continued to walk along.  We saw the Louvre and found out it wasn't just a huge and fantastic museum but in fact was originally a castle, the one all monarchs lived in before they moved to Versailles. We saw the beautiful Notre Dame and its incredible history and how the story Hunchback of Notre Dame saved it from disappearing in time. Also we learned that in fact the lock bridge no longer exist because it was weighing the bridge down and was considered a hazard. However the people how are determined to lock their love in Paris still find places to do it. 
    After the tour we got something to eat and headed back to campus, but before going back we stopped  by a grocery store got some snack. At the grocery store I noticed they had a combination of both brands I knew and brands I didn't know which I thought was cool because every country had a little bit of America in it, even if their Lays chips were onion flavored. Also I noticed that the price marks were digital so like you could change prices at any part of the day based on how many customers you have.  So the trip to the grocery store was different.  Afterwards we went back to campus I caught up on homework and desperately needed sleep.