Monday, July 11, 2016

July 6, 2016
Is it Fake or Nah
               Day 18 of GEC 1 was  spent at two interesting places.  The first place we went to was the Counterfeit Museum.  Our guide for the day, Antoine, showed us around the museum and told us details on counterfeiting like what products are counterfeit the most, why it happens, and how to tell the difference. Counterfeiting happens because  to make some money is better than none and also most times people who counterfeit are also traffickers and use that money for laundering.  The counterfeit item we learned are BIC products because it is easy to produce and those items can fly under the radar without being noticed.  Way to tell the difference between products are by color, material, packaging, position of brand name, and altogether name change. But we also learned about the dangers of counterfeit items like pharmaceuticals  and how now putting the right combination of chemicals for drugs can kill you and how fake car parts can really damage you more than the crash itself. So overall I really enjoyed the museum and it opened my eyes to all the possible things that are being counterfeited.

               The second trip of the day was the Highest Point in Paris aka the Montmarte!  And they don't call it the highest point for nothing. If you wish to get a nice exercise with a lovely then this is the place for you. It was a beautiful place to be and gave an amazing view of the city, especially at sunset. Not only did you have an amazing view of the city you got to see many art pieces and artist at work. The Montmarte is mostly known for being where artist go to work on pieces and display it to people artist such as Picaso started of there.  So when we got there of course pictures were taken and crepes were eaten we just enjoyed the end of the day taking in the beauty of Paris.