Saturday, July 23, 2016

Day 12: Time to Grind

Today was our group excursion day, and we were scheduled to go to the Van Gogh museum and do a River Cruise. However, I also realized that it was Friday and I only had one interview! So, today was going to be full! We all headed the to Van Gogh Museum, but we first made a stop at the I AMSTERDAM sign and took a group picture. I loved it.

Once reaching the museum, we had to wait a little bit for whatever the reason, but then we were free to explore. The museum was nice, but it was very crowded, and a little less organized than I would have liked because it was hard to navigate and keep up with the details of his life. However, there was an extra exhibit on display showcasing his suicide and how he cut off his ear. Van Gogh was truly a hurting artist, I feel. I don't think any disease and condition could put a name on it.
Walking through the rest of the museum, I learned a lot about his life and how art intervened in so many ways, much like how music does the same for me. I remember being in art class studied these very paintings, but I had no idea that Van Gogh had done and accomplished the things that he did. It was truly a treasure to see!
After I left the museum, I went off in hopes of getting more interviews. Unlike Paris, there are not that many pharmacies to find. Many require a great deal of traveling to get to, so I knew I was in for a long day! Shortly after, I found my first pharmacy and got a great interview!! I guess that increased my luck because after, I walked to two other pharmacies and got some great interviews as well!! In my second interview with Dr. Simon, he actually took me on a tour of the Pharmacy, showing me things that I didn't even know existed, such as an automated delivery system which allows patients to pick up medicine 24/7 without standing in line and having the see the pharmacist! It was an amazing experience and I loved it!
From there, I traveled and found another pharmacy, and luckily got another great interview!! I couldn't believe it!! Though it had been a long day, it was well worth it! I traveled back to the Hostel and took a nap before our river cruise.
My nap was exactly what I needed before traveling to the River Cruise. Once we got there, we borded and we were off. I was somewhat nervouse because I knew how being on the boat in Rotterdam made me feel, but I decided that I would make the best of it. It actually wasn't that bad, until we got to the open sea, but other than that, it was absolutely beautiful! It had been the perfect evening to go on a river cruise and it was well worth it.

Once our journey came to an end, Kayla, Jasmayne, Kempson, and I went to get something to eat. Pizza!! It was really good, especially the Chicken Diavla (not to be confused with diablo; it was more sweet with a spicy kick than spicy). Good food turned into good conversation, and before we knew it, we had been there for an hour. We headed back tot he hostle for some rest. Tomorrow was a big day, the beginning of Pride in Amsterdam!!