Saturday, July 23, 2016

Day 9

Today was pretty good day overall. We woke up had breakfast and met with Dr. V briefly about our research. We're really coming along and it's a lot easier in Amsterdam then it was in Paris people here are more willing to give you one. After breakfast I caught up on sleep because I was extremely tired. I woke up a few hours later and the marketing class headed to meet English at the Anne Frank house. We couldn't go in until 3:30 so we decided to go try and get at least one interview. We all got one! Now I have 2 interviews and I am going to try and get 2 more before the weeks over. As we went into the Anne Frank house I noticed that we couldn't take any pictures and was a little disappointed but as we went trough the tour I appreciated it. It allowed me to focus more on the tour and take everything in because I had no distractions. During the tour you get to walk through the downstairs of the house the business and the secret annex where Anne Frank and her family lived in hiding. It was really cool to see and think that people were actually hiding in there. Also after reading her diary then doing the tour it makes so many connections and I think everyone should try and read it before doing the tour or read it after while the tour is still fresh in your head. After the tour we went shopping for a little bit. Amsterdam's shopping is pretty cool because they have so many streets full of stores! We also went into a mall and t was nice we didn't walk around it long but it was cool. I preferred the shopping streets over the mall. We shopped for a few hours then went to eat dinner at a restaurant not too far from the hostel. It was a green foods place so everything for the most part was natural and organic and cooked on a grill. The food was great! I got a chicken sandwich and I could taste the freshness and the charcoal on it and it wasn't dry at all! We heard of the place earlier because the chef who's also s football coach stopped Kempson trying to get him to play football in Amsterdam then he told us to try the restaurant out. After we left the restaurant we went back to the hostel and relaxed for a little bit. Then a group of us went and had drinks at the bar to end the night!