Sunday, July 17, 2016

Day 4! BASTILLE DAY July 14, 2016

Today is Bastille Day, which in France is their July 4th! I can't believe I'm getting the chance to be in Paris on Independence Day!! Naturally, because of Holiday, we knew a lot of things would be closed, so we mapped our day out wisely. The first thing on the list was the Catacombs!! 
We hopped on the Metro and traveled to Denfert-Rouchereau, one of my favorite parts of Paris, and got in line for our entry. Our wait was a little long but completely worth it. Earlier that week, we heard that people recieved waiting tickets to wait for FOUR HOURS!! So our wait that was under an hour, I'll happily take. We got our tickets, and began our decent.
Being underground was kind of scary, and all the stairs we had to take was a little daunting, but completely worth it. We saw millions of bones and the tomb that carried them all. The craziest part about it was that we didn't even see the entire tomb!! Only about a third of the tomb was open to us! It was an amazing experience.

From there, we were on our way to The Louvre!! Today, this wondeful museum was free for all!! We traveled by way of the Metro once more and found ourselves under the pyramids admist what seemed like thousands of people. We grabbed a map and headed for the treasure of the world (in my perspective) The Mona Lisa. It was amazing to be there in person, passing the Venus di Milo and so many other famous statues, sculptures, pantings, and works of art that I never thought I would lay my eyes on! The experience itself was overwhleming.

 After, we headed to Opera, to see Palais Garnier, Paris' main opera house!! Climbing up the stairs from the Metro and seeing Palais Garnier itself was altogether breathtaking. The more I discover, the more I fall in love with the beauty of Paris.

To end our day, we headed to Dr. V's secret spot to watch the fireworks from the Eiffiel Tower, to avoid the crowds. It was one of the most beautiful nights I've had in a long time.

Today, 75 people lost their lives to an attack on Bastille Day in Nice. This is so tragic and terrorism continues to take the lives of innocent people. This is a day of recognition and my thoughts and prayers go out to the families of those taken too soon.