Friday, July 29, 2016

July 28 Day 18 Berlin

Today we went back to Primark, because it's so awesome. Then we went to the East Side Gallery and Suicide Circus. The East Side Gallery was really cool. I didn't expect for majority of the wall to be fenced in. We got to take pictures and walk around and enjoy the graffiti. After leaving the East Side Gallery, we stopped for lunch before we continued on to Suicide Circus. Suicide Circus seemed cool but it's not much there. It seems like more of a hangout spot for grunge individuals. After leaving Suicide Circus, we tried to get in the S-Ban but it didn't go anywhere and we had been on it for a while. We got off and caught the U-Ban back towards the hostel. Once we got to the hostel, we sat our stuff down and eventually got our bags weighed by Dr. Shanklin. Everyone's checked bags were under weight so that was a relief. After our bags got weighed we went walking around the hostel and found a Mexican restaurant. I had gotten my hopes up because it was no where near close to the type of Mexican dishes I'm use to.