Saturday, July 23, 2016

Day 9: The Anne Frank House

Today, for our second full day in Amsterdam, my class got the opportunity to visit the Anne Frank House. Now, of course I knew who Anne Frank was, as I had studied her story in school. But, I never thought that I would get the chance to visit the very hiding place where she had written an account of the last years of her life.
Before we would get to enter the house, we had some free time on our hands, so we went our separate ways to conduct interviews. It wasn’t that long before I found a local pharmacy. I introduced myself and actually ended up getting a wonderful interview!! Dr. Straeten gave me a great deal of information and it helped me in understanding the health care system in the Netherlands.

After I finished my interview, I headed to get a snack, which consisted of fries with ketchup and a DR. PEPPER!!! Goodness, this was the first time I’ve been in Europe that I actually found a place that didn’t just sell Coke!! I was ecstatic!! But, my joy of this moment wouldn't last too long

Finally, we were able to enter the house and our tour began. Immediately, I felt overwhelming sadness. The stories and diary entries that had been written on the walls threw me back into the past, in the very steps that those eight people walked and sat and feared the worst. That feeling is unreal, unexplainable. Seeing the bookcase and the tiny stairs and enclosed spaces, is something that will forever stay with me. The Anne Frank House reminded me of the horror in this world and the evil that haunts it. But it also taught me about the joy that overpowers it all. Her diary was proof of that and the impact that it has made on the world continues to serve as a reminder of what the hope of one girl can do. It was truly and experience I'll never forget.

Once we left, we headed back for dinner at this wonderful restaurant called Green Grill. I had one of the best burgers I've ever tasted and it was delicious! The food was amazing end to an unforgettable day!