Wednesday, July 6, 2016

I woke up late of course because the Moulin Rouge tired me out. There was no time for breakfast because we had an appointment at LV to get our wallets stamped. It turned out that this took literally forever and we didn't have enough time to eat lunch before we met the group at the Counterfeit museum. Even though I thought I would die of hunger, the museum was very cool and interesting. I had no idea that Bic was the most counterfeited brand. It was cool to see everything that could be counterfeited and see examples of real and fake things.

After the museum we tried to find food as fast as possible and we ended up back at the Champs Elysees, of course. I accidentally spent 22 euros on a cheeseburger. But its fine. At least I didn't die. We did some research around here and then headed to St. Paul to research the stores Dr. V showed us the day before. We were so exhausted that we didn't make it to climb the Arc de Triumph tonight, but we will definitely go tomorrow night. J'adore Paris.