Saturday, July 23, 2016

Day 11: ROTTERDAM!!!

Today, myself, Kempson, Kayla, and Jasmane are going to take a trip to visit Rotterdam, a smaller city outside of Amsterdam! I for one was very excited because I have realized over the last ten days that I'm not a girl made for the city. The hustle and bustle is nice for a moment, but I like to be able to get away and go back to a place of quite and not as many people. I don't know if it's just being here in an unfamiliar place or just how I am in general, but it's definitely allowed me to examine certain aspects of myself.
We got up somewhat early and received TRAM PASSES!!! Ugh, thankfully, our day would be filled with a little less walking! We headed to Central Station and caught our train to Rotterdam, which took about an hour. In no time, I was sleep!! I guess I needed the rest. Once we made it, we were able to rent bikes and begin our journey!!

First off, I would like to say that bicycles are a form of transportation in Holland. There is real bike traffic and a completely different kind of living!! Thinking that riding bikes here is similar to riding bikes back at home in the neighborhood will HIGHLY disappoint you!! Rotterdam goes at a much slower pace than Amsterdam, but still, I felt like I needed my training wheels back! It was easy to get the hang of, but honestly, it was like driving a car for the first time, being so nervous and cautious about everything and everyone! I'm sure EVERYONE could tell that we were tourist. Oh well!
We rode our bikes to the Port and got on a boat to do the tour, and there, I found out another thing about myself! I can easily get sea-sick! Usually, when I traveling and there is any kind of turbulence and rocking, it puts me to sleep, almost like it's calming. But being on a boat and in water made me feel otherwise! I loved being able to see the sites and enjoy this tour, but I wish I didn't want to lay down the entire time!

Once we were back on land, (which I was I so thankful for), we hopped back on our bikes and headed for the lake! The ride was okay, because some of us were still getting used to riding and the flow of things, but it was so beautiful and such an authentic experience. The lake was absolutely beautiful!!! Just the area and everything was definitely something I could get used to. Rotterdam was exactly was I needed and just my speed!! I wished we could have gotten the chance to stay here longer, but I know many would no enjoy it like I would.

Next, we moved on to a place where we could feed the deer!! This was a moment I had been looking forward to all week! I bought some ice cream, and at first, they were super uninterested, but I was determined!! There were some ladies feeding one deer some bread and that started a frenzy, so I took this chance as my chance and it was success!! It went quickly, but it was great!! After, we left a rode back to Central Station. Our day was about over and I couldn't believe it went by so quickly! Rotterdam, until we meet again!!