Thursday, July 7, 2016

Day 18: Paris day 4

On the fourth day in Paris we went to the museum of fashion. It was so neat to see all the different designers overtime and to present time. It wasn't what I was expecting so when I got inside I was really surprised by all the outfits, shoes, and hats. There were even clothes that had been worn by Aubrey Hepburn, which was really neat to see. After that we went back to the campus to get some lunch and relax a little before going to do some research. After doing some research we went to the Effie tower to climb the stairs. I however chickened out because I got scared and didn't want to have a panic attack, luckily two other student stayed back with me. We then got some good gelato while we waited for everyone to get done. After everyone was done we went on this river cruise that was very relaxing. Half way threw I realized they had phones that talked about the history, it was still neat to listen to it for the rest of the ride. Then after leaving the river cruise we walked to the metro to only find out it was closed for the soccer game tonight. We then walked to another 3 metros before we found a metro that was open. We then went to go get some food before heading back to the campus, we were very tired of walking at this point and were ready to rest up for Disney tomorrow.